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Indian Solder and Braze Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Indian Solder and Braze Alloys Pvt. Ltd. (ISA), established in 1974, is the leading manufacturer of Silver Brazing Alloys, Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloys, Brass and Bronze Brazing Alloys and their respective Fluxes from India. With over decades of experience the organization has attained specialization by offering perfect solutions for all brazing applications of valued customers. ISA has been able to carve a niche in the international market by supplying products that are known for their QUALITY and RELIABILITY. ISA has a proven track record of supplying brazing solutions in many industries across the globe including Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Aerospace, Defence, Railways, Heavy Enginerring and Power, Hydraulics, Motors, Pumps, Radiators, Switchgears and Electrical, Cutting and Diamond Tools, Automobiles and Electrodes.

Our Products

Silver Brazing Alloys and Rods
As a leading manufacturer, we offer high-quality, versatile silver brazing alloys known for their ease of use, high strength, and excellent flow characteristics. Available as rods, wire, foils, shims, preforms, granules, rings, and paste or powder, our alloys can be customized to meet specific client requirements and applications.

Brass Brazing Rods
We manufacture a range of cadmium bearing alloys which have an excellent combination of melting range, capillary flow and mechanical properties. These cadmium bearing alloys would be recommended as the most economical alloys where the presence of cadmium is acceptable. These alloys are majorly used in the form of rods and foils.

Brazing Alloys
Exporter of a wide range of cadmium free alloys, keeping in view the requirements of our end users, which mainly consist of foreign countries manufacturer and food and beverage industry. These alloys are suitable for use on most ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
We offer numerous material compositions for general purpose and specialty applications, which are available in rods, foils powder, paste, preforms, clad trimetal foils and flux-cored wire.
Silver Brazing Alloys With Tin
We offer a range of cadmium-free alloys tailored for the food and beverage industry. Suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous materials, these alloys come in various forms such as rods, strips, wires, powders, pastes, preforms, clad tri-metal products, and flux-cored wires and rods, meeting both general and specialty application needs.

Tools Brazing Manufacturer
We are manufacturer of excellent range of brazing filler rods containing nickel specifically for the tungsten carbide tipped tools brazing industry because of its need of protection from crevice corrosion and higher temperature service properties. These alloys are available in forms of rods, foils or shims.

Brass Brazing Rods
We manufacture a wide range of copper phosphorus brazing alloys, which can be used in refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing industry. These alloys are used extensively to join copper and copper alloy base metals (Brasses, Bronzes). They have self-fluxing properties when used on copper. We can also customize the products as per customers applications and specifications. These brazing alloys are available in rods, strips, foils, flat brazing rods.

Copper Brazing Flat Brazing Rods
Copper Based Brazing Alloys Brasses & Bronzes)
These Brazing alloys include general purpose brasses, brasses with addition of nickel, high temperature copper alloys and copper for furnace brazing. All these alloys are economical to use and can be generally supplied in variety of forms like brazing rods, brazing wires, preforms, Strips, powder and pastes. General purpose brass brazing rods are widely used for Oxy-Fuel Gas Braze-Welding process. Brass Brazing Foils and Rings are used in induction brazing.
Aluminium Brass Brazing Rods
Aluminium Filler Wires
Backed by our sound expertise in the specific industry, we are presenting wide gamut of aluminium brazing alloys that are developed in compliance with international standards of quality using industry grade raw material. Our Aluminium brazing rods can be put for many applications by adding one or more elements to increase the strength. Adding different elements also enhances the qualities that make it suitable for diverse applications.

Flux Coated Brazing Rods
We manufacture a wide range of fluxes, which can be put to varied uses. Fluxes consist of mild organic acid or strong inorganic acid which promotes high speed cleaning of metals with strong surface oxides and are generally used for silver brazing, copper brazing, solder and aluminum.
Brazing Alloys

BRAZING - The Process

Brazing Flux is a mixture of chemicals that is used to prevent the formation of oxides and other undesirable substances in molten brazing filler metal and on solid base metal surfaces. By removing the surface oxides brazing flux reduces surface tension and promotes the free flow of brazing filler metal.
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Steps For A Successful BRAZING

Steps For A Successful BRAZING

Designing and Fitting, Cleaning, Flux, Assembly, Selecting Filler Metal, Heat and Cleaning Post-Braze. The lap joint is the easiest way to do this. A scarf joint can be the next best choice. Joint clearance ? distance between faying surfaces ? is another consideration.
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